Office of Finance

The Office of Finance serves as the capital markets agent for the FHLBank System, issuing and serving all debt securities and compiling and published combined financial statements. The debt instruments issued by the FHLBank System are known as consolidated obligations and include consolidated bonds and consolidated discount notes.

Buyers of debt securities issued by the FHLBanks represent the entire spectrum of domestic and international fixed-income investors, including commercial banks, central banks, money market funds, investment managers, major corporations, pension funds, government agencies and individuals.

The Office of Finance conducts educational outreach to inform investors and other market participants about FHLBank debt products and provides the FHLBanks with credit and general capital market information and data. It also manages the relationship with credit ratings agencies on behalf of the FHLBank System.

The mission of the Office of Finance is “to provide the Federal Home Loan Banks with highly reliable access to low-cost funding and deliver outstanding customer service.”

The FHLBank System is one of the largest issuers of bonds in the world.